Juicing is becoming increasingly popular in today’s health conscious society. More people than ever are learning how to juice and the benefits that it provides.

Juicing is the best way to get all of the vital nutrients and enzymes in your fruits and veggies. These nutrients are easily absorbed by the body, making it a great stress-relieving way to maintain health. 

It’s the ‘easy’ way of getting those essential nutrients quickly. You should be getting your nutrients in a form that is easy to digest and absorb. 

To be completely honest, if it wasn’t for my mother, I don’t think I would’ve hopped on the juicing craze myself. I’m more of a smoothie type of girl. But, my mom is literally the #JuiceMom. She’s been juicing for the past 4 years and I got to see first hand how it helped her gain control of her health again. That’s when I started to jump on the bandwagon.

Here are her tips on which juicer best suits your needs and our favorite recipes.

#JuiceMom Juicer Recommendations

If you’re just starting out and juicing is new to you, I recommend the “Breville Juice Fountain Cold Juicer”, it’s not expensive compared to the rest of the juicers in the market. It’s super easy to use, makes a large quantity of juice and easy to clean. 

If you’re an experienced juicer, I recommend the Kuvings or Hurom, these juicers are a slow masticating juicer meaning it extracts the purity of the juice from the vegetable. It gives a more nutritious juice by breaking down the fiber of the fruit and vegetables more thoroughly. It also gives a better taste in texture.

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